Saturday, April 19, 2008

Todays ride

4-19-08. Its cold(42), rainy and muddy. I was wet, fingers were frozen, couldn't see through my goggles but I still couldn't manage to head home and loving every minute of it.
I like to ride just about anything and everything. Narrow, rocky, twisty, turny, Wheeling through tight trees to get the bars through, stumpy trails are my favorite. The problem with a Dual-Sport bike is that they can't do anything great, and you have to sacrifice power for street reliability. For me, I just gear it down and hit the pavement to find another cool trail.
The changes I made to my 2001 DRZ= from stock gearing 15-44 to 14-48. I put Kenda Trackmaster 2 tires on the front and rear, barkbusters (a must), Renthal fatbars (loved them, when you dump it, the bars flex, not bend), removed all blinkers, changed rear lic holder, changed front and rear fenders, re-valved front forks and changed nitrogen pressure in rear shock. Biggest likes: It was a good all-around bike for going down the streets to hit the trails. It was reliable, wide open all day long all the time and only had to adjust the valves once in 8000+ miles. Dislikes: Over-all heavy and felt top heavy. The Suspension was also too soft.
The diff I notice on the WR250R so far (It is currently stock)= even though its only 20 lbs lighter than the DRZ, It feels 40 less. It seems to carry its weight much better and corners like a dream. The power feels like it will be comparable to the DRZ's 400 (I can't hammer the he** out of it yet, due to only having 100+ miles on it). The changs I hope to make soon: Different tires, bark buster, bars, add 2-or so teeth to the rear sprocket.

Anybody have any break-in suggestions? So far I'm not wide-open, but not to nice on it either. How do the mag testers do it? They get new bikes to test, Hammer, wheely, jump ect. Also, Ive been told to change the oil after 600 mi, Im thinking earlier......

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The bike I used to have.

2001 Drz 400s I made for dirt more than street.

The bike I just bought.

Here is a picture of my new family addition. The kids decided we needed to name it Chester, so Chester it is!

New Blog

Kicking off this new blog so I can talk about what I love best: riding.